Friday, March 8, 2013

fast fashion and essentials

top, cardigan, necklace, Forever 21
same ol' jeans, Ross
turquoise and wood bead bracelet, InPink

     Fran of Franish recently wrote a thought-provoking post on "investment" purchases and the struggle to wisely allocate shopping funds. The comments were just as fascinating as the post, as everyone seemed to have a different viewpoint and strategies.
     I was thinking about this issue last weekend, when I picked out a silk tee for my sis. At 35, I'm starting to realize that I'd like a better-quality wardrobe. Better quality doesn't mean prohibitively expensive, but it does mean clothing that meet the following criteria: 1) made out of practical fabrics (breathable, washable);  2) flattering in fit; and 3) mixes well with other items. 
    At the same time, I don't feel quite ready to upgrade my wardrobe. I'm still figuring out my style, and it's hit or miss which purchases will go on to be closet essentials and which ones are cute, but should stay in the store. For example, this cardigan and necklace have proven more versatile than I imagined, and when they wear out I'm willing to spend a little more for higher-quality replacements.

       Buying these items at Forever 21 meant that I got to experiment with different styles and see how I liked them for a reasonable price. I'd like to shift the focus to thrifting, but for now Old Navy and Forever 21 are still places I like to browse from time to time. 
      Happy Friday and weekend, all! I'll be getting my wedding makeup trial done on Saturday, and I'll make sure to take a few photos to share. :)
     What are some of your unexpected closet essentials? And how do you find a balance between buying trendy, inexpensive items and items that will be staples for years?

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