Monday, March 4, 2013

inspiration Monday: sizing woes and happy dots

The inspiration: Hilary Duff

My take: 
BCBG Max Azria top, gift from little tin soldier
trousers, Banana Republic Factory Store
Semantics cardigan, Nordstrom Rack
bracelets, gifted and DIY

      I usually take outfit photos before leaving the house, but I'm still adjusting to my work schedule (although I must confess that on Friday, I got to come in two hours later than usual). Anyhow, imagine my horror when I came home, took photos, and realized how poorly these pants fit. I have a few BR Factory pants that fit great, but they seem the change the fabric all the time (my favorite pair is made of a rather thick, stretchy material that skims my curves without being clingy). Add in the fact that I never really know what size I wear there -- I think every pair of BR pants I own is a different size! -- and this is the result. *Sigh.*  I'll take these photos as validation of my decision to stop buying work pants from BR Factory and seek out a new brand. Anyone have a reasonably priced brand that offers petite sizes that they love? 

     On the bright side, I got to wear this beautiful top that Linda of little tin soldier so kindly thrifted for me. I love the colors and interesting neckline! And I think this swingy little top would look so cute with that pair of black skinny jeans that I've been craving lately. :)

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  1. The pants look fine to me, but you're the one who has to wear them! I totally agree on the top, though. It is beyond cute!

  2. fashionforgiantsMarch 4, 2013 at 1:55 PM

    I think that top is just fabulous on you and can't wait to see it styled with skinnies. I, obviously, have no advice on petite clothing, but I think there is a blog called Alterations Needed that is for petites. Sal writes about her a lot.


  3. Erin - the front view of the pants is not so terrible, but there's a reason I didn't include a side view. ; ) I'm loving the dotted top and the colors will make it easy to mix in with what I already own!

  4. Hi, Gracey, thanks for the reminder about Alterations Needed! I haven't stopped by that site in a while but I think it will have some answers. :)

  5. such a cute little flirty polka dot top
    amen honey! pants sizes are the worst
    i think i have at least 3 different sizes in my closet, but if you held up the pants against each other they would all be the same size
    so frustrating

  6. Hah, Linda is SUCH an amazing thrifter, she completely inspired me to start thrifting again when I first started following her blog and I saw all of the amazing clothes she'd find. This top is so pretty on you, I love the pattern and how the dots change color. I don't know if I could really recommend any good work pants, the last place that I found a good pair of pants in petite sized was the cropped drew trousers from The Limited, they have a nice shape and fabric and don't drag along the ground.

  7. hi just wanted to say hi ! and let you know that I am also following you on Bloglovin'!

  8. That is a pretty thrifted top :) Definitely would look great with those skinny jeans

  9. what a gorgeous top! i love it on you. the pants are not as bad as you say, you always look lovely. although that's a little annoying that their sizing is never the same!

  10. Thank you! You can really tell that these pants are too big from the side view - I debated posting the picture, but decided to spare the readers. ;) I think the pants would fit better if they just stuck to the same fabrics vs. changing it up every season - but I guess that's the risk you take with shopping the factory store.

  11. Thanks, Kat! Now I just need to find the perfect pair of skinnies. :)

  12. Hi, Renae! Thanks for the bloglovin follow. :)

  13. Katie - I've heard good things about The Limited pants. The prices are a bit higher than I like, but I should at least try some on and see how I like the fit. :)
    Yes, Linda has astounding thrift skills! Another blogger who finds exquisite items is Belle de Couture - she was wearing a vintage embellished cardigan the other day that was just beautiful. :)

  14. Thanks, Brett! Agreed on the pants! I still prefer pants to dresses and skirts, but I've realized that many dresses and skirts are more forgiving in fit than pants. :)


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