Thursday, January 10, 2013

obviously ..

"There are even SNSs [Social Network sites] for dogs (Dogster) and cats (Catster), although their owners must manage their profiles." 

     The editor in me gets itchy about everything following the comma - did the author really believe he or she had to state that??
     This gem of a sentence came from one of the readings for my Social Computing class (fittingly, it's entirely online).  


  1. Thankfully, the other assigned readings were better written ... :)

  2. Wait, I always thought that our dog managed his own twitter. Now they're saying that I've got to do that for him as well? Good luck with that, I think he's more tech savvy than I am.

  3. Pets are so demanding these days - they need to be exercised, fed, kept clean AND provided with mobile devices and broadband Internet. ;)


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