Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Try-it-out Tuesday: hot pink + plaid

    Michael Michael Kors sweater, Macy's
buttondown, passed down from Mom
necklace, Forever 21

       It was drizzly and dreary the day I wore this, but a hot pink sweater and lots of hot tea go a long way to combating the dismal weather.
      I'm adding a black-and-white plaid or gingham buttondown to my thrift wish list. This one is serviceable, but I'd like something with a curved hem, longer length, and full-length sleeves. It's hard to layer a sweater with full-length sleeves over a three-quarter-sleeved blouse. First, I tried simply scrunching up the sweater sleeves, but I ended up with what I dubbed "marshmallow arms." I ended up doing some strategic folding to combat the puff. 

     I got a last-minute substitute teaching job yesterday, and by last minute, I mean the school called me at 8:15 a.m. to ask whether I was available. Due to family obligations, I usually can't take last-minute jobs, but I had someone else to cover at home yesterday.  I hustled down there and ended up having a great time with the first-graders. I've realized that subbing is a wonderful way to get a sneak peek at how other teachers organize their room and structure what they do so students can work on their own - two areas I need to work on. I got a lot of great ideas because this teacher is obviously experienced - the room was cheerful (with a Dr. Seuss theme to boot!), neat as a pin, and the students worked well on their own. I was a little concerned at first that there would be no sub plan, but everything was neatly placed in a container, labeled, and there were clear directions for the day. I'm a long way off from having that kind of room and having things run like clockwork, so it's always inspiring to see another exemplar.

Want to see other ways I've styled this bright sweater? Follow the links below. :)
                                           preppy artist                          bright and floral


  1. Gorgeous. Bright pink looks so lovely on you. I have a gingham shirt on my wishlist, but I want to thrift it so I don't know if that'll ever happen or not. I'm definitely going to keep looking - and probably look for a bright pink sweater now too!


  2. Nice angle on the second image. It looks like as if a predatory camera, a hovering one with wings attached, is about to attack you from above while you still manage to flash a smile. What a self-control! Does your sweater have two shades? If it does, both look good on you. I can't pronounce "thrift wish list".
    When I reach the "f" in "thrift" all the rest is swallowed up in a big slirp.

  3. dawn suitcase vignetttesJanuary 9, 2013 at 10:21 AM

    Carrie you look adorable in this casual, cool outfit. I know what you mean about trying to wear a long sleeve under a shorter sleeved shirt...it's too bulky. Great for you getting a last minute sub job....how wonderful to see an organized, smooth running classroom as an inspiration for you in the future. Happy New Year...thanks for being a great blogger friend. I'm coming to HI in May. xo

  4. Thanks, Gracey! I have friends who are die-hard pink lovers, but it's never been one of my colors of choice. I like this bright pink, however - it's a bit more sassy than saccharine. :) Good luck thrifting the pink sweater and gingham - I think you would look lovely in bright pink!

  5. Maria - predatory cameras, huh? You make my photo sessions sound way more lively than they are. ;)
    I think the sweater in real life is somewhere between the shades in the two photos - it's bright but not as eye-searingly bright as the second photo would suggest.

    Who knew that "thrift wish list" could be a tongue-twister? Try saying it 10 times fast. :)

  6. Lisa Simpson strikes again, I see! ;)

  7. Hi, Dawn, thanks for the sweet and thoughtful comment. :) Hawaii in May - how exciting! Will it be your first time here?

  8. Love your sweater! It looks great with the plaid top.


  9. Great combination. It sounds like you had fun subbing, we love Dr. Seuss too!

  10. Thanks, Wil! You can't go wrong with Dr. Seuss. :)

  11. Cute! I love the layering, and those jeans fit you so well :) How fun that you got to sub - first graders are probably a handful, but so cute!

  12. Thanks, Megan. :) They were actually pretty self-directed - but I think the teacher is just excellent at setting up routines so the students know exactly what's expected and how to achieve it. :)

  13. I can never get the layering of a button down and sweater right, it always looks so bunchy on my and the sleeves never line up. *sigh* You've managed it perfectly, I really like how you mixed the darker plaid with the bright sweater, it provides so much visual interest and again, color just looks amazing on you.


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