Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Try-it-out Tuesday: rockstar librarian

Alfani petite tunic and petite leggings, Macy's
White House Black Market blazer, thrifted
pearl bracelets & Dr. Scholls Allycats boots, HauteLook
Guess watch, gift from the Mr.

     I love color, but this black-and-white outfit is one of my recent favorites. Do you ever put on something that makes you feel so great that you walk differently and hold your head higher? That doesn't happen consistently for me, but this outfit does the trick. All I did was go to the bank and pick up something at the mall, but I felt great the whole time. The only thing that would have made it more awesome was to have a rock star's bank account ... ;)
     The Mr. picked out this tunic for me years ago when I enlisted him to help me buy some work clothes. Being all polyester, it's impractical for our climate and doesn't get worn much. The day I wore this it was a little overcast and windy - and anytime it's not blazing hot here, I get excited about wearing "winter" clothing. 
      In fact, I get CWA, or cool weather anxiety. When it's cool enough to think about wearing my long-sleeved tops, leggings and sweaters, my mind starts to boggle - what should I wear? There might be only a few precious days when I can actually do some light layering and wear things that are too warm normally - I don't want to cop out with a corduroy buttondown and jeans! Problems of life in paradise, right? ; ) To be honest, I'll probably end up making a list of cool-weather outfits so I'm prepared for cooler days. I love a good list.

    Those boots are cute, but sadly, they make my feet hurt after a while. The insole is emblazoned with some claim of super comfort, but if there's a memory foam footbed in there, I can't feel it at all. However, no other shoe would have been right with this outfit (see above for proof). I'll just have to start saving my pennies to get a comfortable pair for next fall.     

    I believe that some of my recent Try-it-out Tuesday outfits haven't really been anything new or different, but this qualifies for three reasons. First, I'm wearing all black and white. Second, I'm sporting a watch. I've seen so many folks wearing a watch and bracelets to great effect, so I thought I'd try it out. Third, this is a very different silhouette for me. When I put this together, I wasn't sure whether I'd like it, but I'm pleasantly surprised.


  1. Such a pretty tunic! I like those boots. As soon as I get boots, I sling an extra super-cushy insole in them. It's definitely worth the $20.

  2. I love the different patterns in the tunic! And the length is perfect for your petite figure! Well done :)

  3. Oh, that tunic is fabulous. I LOVE bold, graphic black-and-white prints and that piece is just perfect. Love your styling too!

  4. Thanks, Gracey. :) I love a bold print too!

  5. Thanks, Katie! This is such a fun outfit, I'll have to wear it again!

  6. Erin - I was looking at some insoles the other day, but I decided not to get them. I'll definitely have to get some and see whether they help - I would like to wear these boots more. :)

  7. Oh wow, I'm going to agree with you, this silhouette is fantastic on you, the shorter length really shows off your legs and is really proportionate and the all black with the pops of white in the pattern is very stylish and chic. I love the pattern and the all black is amazing, your legs look so long with the tights and the booties! It's such a shame that they're not comfortable.

  8. I really love this outfit, especially the print, which surprises me because I usually don't go for huge prints!

    Someday, I will get back to acknowledging the award you gave me on my blog! It's been so busy, busy, busy lately, and as you can see, I only made it halfway through November for my photo-a-day. ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Thanks, Katie! Erin suggested that I try putting in some insoles, and I'll be trying that - I'd love to wear these boots more often. :)

  10. Ashley - hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. No rush on the award - I'm swamped with end-of-the-semester work, too! :)


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