Wednesday, November 21, 2012

fitting room reviews: Nordstrom Rack & Old Navy

Now that I'm armed with the Mr.'s cast-off iPhone 4, I thought it'd be instructive for me to take photos when I try things on. Sometimes I get so excited about the print, color or price of something that I forget to look at the fit critically. The photos provide instant feedback and are also a good way to remember what I've tried on and how the  brand fit me.
Louben cobalt silk top, size 6, $75 
Halogen petite ponte pencil skirt, 0P, $19.97

     NORDSTROM RACK: This shirt is made of a beautiful heavyweight silk with a nice sheen and gorgeous deep colors. I tried on another one that was a vivid grape-jelly purple and one in teal. I haven't heard of Louben before, and don't ever recall finding it at Nordstrom Rack, but I wouldn't mind running into one of these shirts (heavily discounted!) in the clearance section a few weeks from now.
    My birthday is coming up, so I asked my mom to pick up the skirt for me as a birthday present. I've been wanting to add some patterned and colored skirts to my closet. Bonus: this one is made out of a stretchy but substantial material that is fitted, but not indecently clingy, and it's amazingly comfortable! Confession: I may or may have not sang "Happy Birthday" to myself while holding the skirt up to myself and admiring it that evening ...
     OLD NAVY: I've seen so many people rave about the Rockstar jeans that I decided to try them on. I'm a bit baffled by the sizing. I remember buying a gray pair online a year or two ago and returning it after realizing that I really needed to size up. I took a range of sizes into the dressing room with me, ranging from 4 to 10. The 10s were consistently too big, but check out the size 4 in black and size 8 in gray below: 

black in size 4
gray in size 8

     I would have liked to try the black in a size 6 or even 8, but given that I was only window-shopping, I decided to not dig through the piles. In store I was surprised by how small the gray pair fit, but after browsing a few of the online reviews I've realized that the black jeans seem to run a bit big while the grays run really small.
     Overall I'm not convinced that these jeans are flattering on my figure. I think they really emphasize my rear, hips and  thighs and I'd probably end up wearing them as leggings with a long enough top to cover the aforementioned areas. I think I'll stick to my trouser-cut or boot-cut jeans for the time being.
    p.s. Katie of Hems for Her looks fantastic in her pair of Rockstars - lucky girl! :)


  1. Love the houndstooth skirt, and that's a great deal. It's a good thing that you went in to try on the Rockstars, and I still think you look cute in them!

  2. I love that skirt on you :) really pretty!

  3. i am loving the houndstooth skirt

  4. Brett - I don't have too many patterned or colored skirts, so I think the skirt will be a great addition to my closet. :)

  5. Thanks, Kat! Waiting impatiently for my birthday to roll around so I can wear it ... :)

  6. Katie - I wouldn't mind getting the black Rockstars. I don't have black jeans and I think these would fit the bill. They'd look great paired with my black boots, too. :)

  7. Eh, I with you on the rockstar jeans, the fits on the colors was all over the place. (But I did love some of the very first colors they came out with and it seems like they've worked most of the kinks out of the style. The first pair I bought last winter was a gray pair and they were the worst jeans I'd ever gotten from Old Navy, they fell apart in the washer after the third wearing.) That silk blouse is gorgeous on you, you wear color so well and that blue just looks stunning. (The hounds-tooth skirt is really pretty as well!)

  8. Katie - wow, can't believe those gray jeans fell apart so quickly! I've had good luck so far with my Old Navy purchases in terms of quality.

    You always leave such sweet comments. :) I'm looking forward to wearing that skirt - I think it will be very versatile!


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