Wednesday, June 6, 2012

blue and green should not be seen?

      Just popping in for a quick post! I'm skipping Try-it-out Tuesday this week, but I have two parties to attend this weekend, so I'll be posting those outfits next week. :)
 dress, Old Navy
belt, from dress
  • I haven't worn my snake print dress much, but the belt has proven quite versatile (see it adding some zest to a red buttondown here and livening up a chambray tunic here). This has me thinking about going through my enormous fabric stash and turning some of it into fabric belts. I bet it would be easy to whip up several in an afternoon.
  • Jeans-free June has been surprisingly pain-free (but then again, it's pretty early to be making any judgments!) I have figured out that a non-stretch pencil skirt is not the best thing to wear when your summer school classroom is on the second floor and you need to walk your classes up and down the stairs several times a day. I have also figured out how comfortable and easy a dress can be. Throw it on, add some accessories, and I'm ready to go. 
  • It amazes me just how much kindergartners moving up to first grade and first-graders going up to second vary, in everything from attention span, to book tastes, to work habits. For instance, yesterday I read Keiko Kasza's "A Mother for Choco" to both groups. The kinder lesson involved making story bracelets using pipe cleaners and pony beads (and guess who spent the night beforehand using a brown Sharpie to scribble giraffe spots on yellow beads, putting a loop on the end of 30 pipe cleaners, and sorting beads by color?) With the first-graders, however, I did a lesson about comparing two people (themselves and mom or dad) that involved filling out a graphic organizer and turning those notes into writing. It's sobering to realize how quickly children change and grow in just a year. 
Happy Wednesday! :)


  1. It really is amazing, how quickly kids grow and learn. You look lovely in that dress.

  2. I like how you added that snake belt to spruce up the outfit :) Kids are great! They amaze me all the time with what they say :)

  3. this shift dress has a really nice color, and looks so roomy...perfect for moving around with ease. Yes I know what you mean about pencil skirts, they restrict my movement, feels as if my butt has been bandaged. I like the snakeskin belt for some pizzaz! You are a cute teacher.


  4. Sounds like you are having great fun with your classes! And that dress is a beautiful color! Keep going with your jeans-free June!

  5. Thank you, Carol! I've worked mostly with older students so this is definitely a learning experience for everyone in the classroom. :)

  6. Kat - something about this shade of green works so well with animal prints! :) And it's never boring when there are kids around. :)

  7. Thank you, Mongs! I still think my pencil skirt is figure-flattering but it's not for active days. :) The good thing about ditching the jeans is that it forces me to dress a little better.

  8. Thanks, Katie! I'm excited that I'm already feeling more comfortable in dresses. :)

  9. It can be difficult to find one's color scheme. For me, it feels like it takes a lifetime. I'd realized a long time ago, that people look at me differently when I wear the right colors. And when I wear the wrong ones, they don't even notice me.

    This dress is beautiful. It complements your skin tone and also your hair. Your hair is gorgeous. The belt is a nice additional touch. It's the perfect choice for this dress. The dress is draping very pleasingly around the neckline and the belt gently draws the eye to your waist. Most people make a mistake by wearing a belt that is way to loud and forcing the eye to focus on it. So, the belt becomes a forced focal point. Not in this case. You look really chick.

    You did a great job with this ensemble. It's very pretty. I, therefore, officially un-mommy-fy you.

    Where did you find the belt?

  10. What's wrong with blue and green? :D They look great on you, and they look great together too. I really like the cut of the dress on you - it's figure flattering but still allows for movement, which you probably do a lot of if you deal with kids all day!

  11. Thanks for the official un-mommy-fication! :) I'm still figuring out the best colors for me, but I have noticed that jewel tones suit my coloring. Deep purple will always get me a compliment or two. :)
    The belt came from a dress with the same print - I don't wear the dress much but the belt is wonderful. I'm thinking about using it as a pattern to make other belts. :)

  12. Thank you, Rinny! The right dress can be just as comfortable as a tee and jeans for work, but looks so much more polished. :)

  13. beautiful green dress!!! you are beautiful.
    Love your blog – very inspiration and great photos!
    I am a follower.

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    Best of luck and keep in touch.

    Cheers, Jacquie

  14. I couldn't agree with you more! And thanks so much for visiting and following Carrie! I hope you will stop by again soon :)


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