Thursday, May 24, 2012

Try-it-out (Thursday): happy colors & half-tucking

     Lauren petite buttondown, Macy's, gift from CL
Grane flare jeans, Ross
snake print belt, from dress
oia jules bracelet, won in giveaway
seed-bead bracelet, DIY
sandals, Target
    I wore this on Thursday -- the last day of the school year --  to make a cupcake run. The usual drill on the last day of the school year: the students show up bearing cupcakes, chips, juice, cookies ... and there's an overflow of food. The last time my teacher friend C had a party, she literally had 50 cupcakes left over. So she and another teacher S decided to avoid that by purchasing an assortment of light, healthy snacks and charging each student $3.00. However, C was disappointed that S had ruled out cupcakes.
     I offered to drop by with cupcakes (mini red velvet cupcakes from Sam's Club) and plead ignorance of the healthy snacks theme. I had gotten to know C's students over the year and wanted to get them an end-of-year treat anyhow.
     Although some of the students brought unhealthy snacks anyway, S stuck to her guns. For every handful of chips, students needed to take and eat one celery stick or 5 baby carrots!

     This qualifies for Try-it-out Thursday for two reasons. First, I'm combining red and turquoise. Somehow those two colors together make me happy, and it was fun to try out a color combination which I've pinned quite often but never tried.

     Second, I pulled off a half-tuck (are those still "in"?). While I liked that a half-tuck allowed the belt to peek out, I'm not sure whether I attained that effortlessly cool and casual look or just looked sloppy.
   Half-tucking: Do you like it and wear it? Or is it already out?


  1. fashionforgiantsMay 24, 2012 at 6:17 PM

    I like half-tucking. On others. I've tried it before but I've never felt that I pulled it off. It doesn't feel right on me.

  2. I personally think I am too heavy for a half tuck... I don''t like anything to be tucked around this middle ;) However, I think it looks good on you, and I like that the belt peeks out- it makes it a more deliberate fashion choice. Does that make sense?

    I also loved the chips/ carrots/celery exchange. Very good idea. I need to try this at home!

  3. I like the healthy exchange idea, need to try that on my kids, get paid with chips for eating celery and carrots ...that's just awesome! I haven't tried half tuck, I think it gives a nice tweak to the outfit. I like your stunning shirt. Looks nice with a cute scarf belt, the accessories adds a pretty touch!


  4. Gracey - I liked it when I was wearing it and when I looked in the mirror, but when I look at the photos, I'm still not quite sold on the half-tuck. But this is the first time I've managed to pull it off (after multiple failed attempts) so I thought I'd wear it and see. :)

  5. I get what you mean about the deliberateness of the half-tuck -- I don't think I'd do it without the belt.
    Yes, I thought the veggie-chips exchange was a good idea. The students did get a dollop of ranch dressing with the veggies, and most of the kids seemed to like baby carrots anyhow. The celery was a much harder sell!

  6. Thank you, Mongs! I'm slowly learning how to accessorize and it's lots of fun. :)
    I might have to put myself on the healthy exchange plan ... :)

  7. cute!!!


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