Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Try-it-out (Wednesday): don't try this at home

    While I love pattern mixing, there is a fine line between a fun, fresh pattern mix and a crazy one. Unfortunately, I usually fall on the crazy, something-went-wrong side. 
shirt, Savers
necklace, Forever 21
skinny jeans, Ross
     However, I figured out with this outfit that a necklace can be a great way to incorporate a second pattern and not look crazy. This necklace is not a favorite of mine -- it's a little too long and tangles easily. But I found it while cleaning the house this weekend and decided to give it another try. 

    This shirt is short and boxy, so I thought a long necklace would balance things out. I also knotted it at the end to make it shorter. Then, while I was unloading my grocery cart, it somehow got caught on the grocery cart and broke. (Don't try this at home -- I am a professional klutz). So now it looks like this: 
Well, one way to shorten a necklace is to break it ...
    By the way, have you read WTF Pinterest's "How to Be a Fashion Blogger" series yet? In my first photo, I'm guilty of #3.
    Have a happy Wednesday! I turned in my last 3 assignments for the semester (bibliography, reference response e-mail, and reflection paper) this morning and am ready to enjoy some free time! :D


  1. Hahah, that 'how to be' series gave me the giggles - but I'm also a bit scared too because I've totally been guilty of some of those items. I guess I'm a fashion blogger then!

  2. Enjoy your free time! I have two weeks left with my students- hope I make it!

  3. Lisa - I'm also guilty of a few other things mentioned in the series ... hazards of blogging, I guess. :)

  4. Thanks, Katie! I remember the home stretch of the school year -- somehow it is both excruciatingly slow and yet too fast! :) Hang in there. :)

  5. I haven't gotten onto the pinterest wave yet...but I clicked over! Definitely a great series..I've yet to do coffee in a post.

  6. Pattern mix is one of the most tricky thing for outfits. I don't do them much...maybe once? haha. Od dear broken neclace...happens to me ...will check out the link...


    1. I mean oh dear...broken necklace ...happens to me too...that top has a cute print by the way


  7. Bessie - you are wise to avoid Pinterest! It's a major time waster, but I'm glad my initial obsession with it has subsided ... I do pin things daily, but I don't spend as much time there as I used to! The plus is that it is a great way to keep a file of style inspirations. :)

  8. Hah how did you manage to break it on a grocery cart? And I'm off to check out that series now!

    xo Cristina

  9. Cristina, thanks for dropping by! There was a metal thingy on the side of the cart that I got snagged on ... :) guess I shouldn't wear long necklaces to the grocery store from now on.

  10. hey, carrie!
    sometimes you find all kinds of things while cleaning... i really like the look of this nekclace on your shirt. you did a good job shortening it. trust me, you're not the only one--sometimes i try things and it's not what i exepcted and it is a disaster. but sometimes i like disasters, as i like to try "bold" things with fashion.:D

    hope you have a great wknd! good for oyu that you get to have some free time. :)


  11. Haha, just read 'how to be a fashion blogger' and I'm definitely guilty of many of those! I laughed out loud at "cross your legs and contemplate your shoes"... definitely in my pose rotation :D

  12. Megan - I'm hoping (but also a little afraid) that they'll keep adding to the series. It's great for a chuckle! :)

  13. Thank you, Jasmine! :) It's good to hear I'm not the only one who takes the occasional fashion misstep. :) You're right, risks are worth taking as they help me push my style a little further.

  14. Such a cute blouse! Off to read How to Be a Fashion Blogger :)


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