Monday, May 7, 2012

happy Monday, vol. 5

Three things that are making me happy lately ... 
1. Sno-caps. There's just something so festive about little chocolate drops covered with white nonpareils. :)
2. The Mr. making me an Indian breakfast on Sunday. Idli swimming in sambar with a dollop of coconut chutney. Yum. :)
Look for beauty ...
3. This post by Ashley of The Shine Project. On Friday, I messed up. It was the one day that I really shouldn't have skipped aikido class ... and I did, to finish up my portfolio. The fact that I really needed to be there completely slipped my mind. It was even worse that my university sensei had mentioned it to me on Thursday morning, and I wonder if he made the effort to show up Friday -- and I wasn't there. Urgh. All Friday night I was upset at myself for forgetting, and at the same time trying not to be upset because I really had to focus on my portfolio. So when I read this on Sunday, it was just what I needed to hear.


  1. very encouraging post by Ashley. It's a great reminder to all of us that we are not perfect. It's true that sometimes it takes just an simple apology and move on. I have been through two major confrontation with friends to know that sometimes a simple apology is all that is needed to resolve the problem. We all need to forgive ourselves. Hope you won't feel upset with yourself anymore.

    On a lighter note, I think I need an indian breakfast too, but I don't think my husband can manage one


  2. I haven't done anything for my blog yet, but you can check out some of my photos here:

  3. ;))


  4. Thank you, Mongs! Sometimes the simplest things -- like apologizing -- are the hardest to do, but bring the greatest rewards.
    The Mr. uses boxed idli mix (with some add-ins) as well as pre-packaged sambar seasoning, so it's not as labor intensive as it could be. :) I think I could eat an Indian breakfast everyday! :)


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