Wednesday, May 23, 2012

denial & a remix

     Why yes, I do plan to wear this dress every week, now that it's summertime. ...
  side-zip chambray pullover, via Mom
oia jules bracelet, giveaway win
seed bead bracelet, DIY
Blue Plate dress, Ross
Dansko "Sakura" sandals, Nordstrom Rack

     It's in the mid-80s degrees here, and while there's a breeze, it's undeniably sunny and warm. Somehow, I managed to ignore this when I layered this chambray top over the dress. Upon getting outside I promptly rolled the sleeves all the way past my elbows -- stretch fabric to the rescue. :)
     When I first received this top, I had no clue that it would work well with just about everything. It balances out a floaty or fancy dress or makes a strapless or low-cut dress work-appropriate. 
      I won this gorgeous oia jules bracelet from a giveaway generously hosted by Hayley of The Weekend File. Blogging has definitely changed my taste in jewelry! I've always considered myself a devotee of dainty, understated pieces, and while I still love them, I've made room in my heart for chunky chains and bold stones. :)
 Dainty and chunky bracelets and a fuzzy hedgehog for good measure

     ** Want to see other ways I've worn my chambray top? I wore it in February to dress down a poofy dress and with a wide belt to pull off a monochrome look.


  1. Love the chunky bracelet! I'm all for chunky jewellery :)

  2. I just got a chambray top and am excited to find different ways to wear it, and I have a skirt slightly similar to this. (: Also, I love your chunky bracelet, so cute.

  3. Thank you for dropping by, Lauren! I think you will find that chambray top amazingly versatile. :)

  4. Kat - I always thought chunky jewelry would be too overwhelming, but I'm learning to love it. :)

  5. LOVE this look! The dress, the top, the bracelet, everything is working together for a great look. And yay for chambray!

  6. Thanks, Jen! :) This outfit is a recent favorite. :)


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