Friday, February 24, 2012

February Freeze, vol. 6: a nice discovery

   Happiness is figuring out that a skirt you've had for a while, but never wear, has POCKETS. :)
   Brown is a color that baffles me. I feel comfortable pairing black with just about anything, but brown??? I'm just not sure what colors go best with it. I've never paired it with blue before, but I like the look.
Top, Forever 21
petite skirt, Banana Republic
shell earrings, New Zealand

   I got this skirt from Banana Republic's sale section a while back for about $17. I've always wondered if the front detail -- gathering below the waistband and resulting pleats -- looks weird. However, it looks fine in the photos.

   Help me out, please -- What are your favorite colors to pair with brown?


  1. I like this look. The skirt doesn't look brown in the photos I thought it was black haha. As for fave colors paired with brown. I like red :) Though I do pair a lot of black with brown but the city I come from - we are known to wear a lot of blacks haha

  2. Wonderfull, love it.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, Kat! I think red would be a great option. :) I looked at the pics again and I see what you mean -- the skirt is a dark chocolate brown, so it can be mistaken for black. :)

  4. haha.. that actually happened to me once for a dress! Looking good!

  5. I think the gathering detail in this skirt is really cute!

  6. Oh my god, I don't even wear black anymore. Very rarely. I pair brown with anything I'd pair black with, to be honest. It's a neutral so it works with about any color that pops against it. This skirt is GORGEOUS on you!

  7. thanks, Courtney. Iʻm looking forward to wearing this more often. :)


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