Wednesday, December 14, 2011

which one will get the boot?

    I've never really thought about wearing boots, but I saw so many bloggers wearing them with ...  well, everything. Girly dresses,  skinnies, bootcut pants, skirts, shorts ...
    I finally succumbed and decided to pick up a pair for my birthday.
    Not long after adored austin posted about Dr. Scholls, Hautelook featured the brand. I couldn't decide between the Allycats bootie and the Addler shootie, so I ordered both, with plans to return one.
    I snagged a little time today to shoot some photos to decide which one suits my (still developing) style best.
Addler shooties

Allycats booties
 FIT: I ordered a 7 for both of these, and found them surprisingly small. I do have to mention that my left foot measures in at about 7, while my right is about 6.5.  Neither shoe is too small, but I would definitely consider trying on a 7.5 if I buy from this brand again. I would have to wear very thin socks with both pairs.
     The round toes on both shoes may not be the most sophisticated, but my toes are smiling. :) My feet are a bit wide, so I'm always looking for shoes with some room in the front. I also like the rather low, chunky heel.
Allycats with bootcut jeans

Addler shooties with bootcut jeans
Allycats with tucked-in skinnies
Allycats with wool schoolgirl skirt
Allycats bootie
PROS: plain leather = good for rainy days; can be worn under bootcuts or over skinnies or leggings.
POSSIBLE CONS: Do they hit me on the wrong spot on my leg and make me look stumpy??

Addler shooties with wool schoolgirl skirt
Addler shooties with CK pencil skirt

Addler shootie
PROS: suede!= <3; ankle bootie, which is recommended for petites.
CONS: suede = not suitable for rainy days; and I'm not sure how to style them. Is it just me, or do they look like elf shoes? I also feel that they look slightly frumpy/old-ladyish in these photos, but maybe it's that I've paired them with the wrong things.

     I'm leaning towards keeping the Allycats, just because I feel more comfortable styling them.
 Which pair do you think I should pick? And how would you style them?


  1. I like the Allycats but I do think they look a little wide at the top when you are wearing the skirt - cuts off lots of length on your leg. It goes really well with your skinnies though so I'm leaning more towards them. Maybe you can also style them with different colored tights and a black skirt?

  2. Thanks for the input, Katherine! I think tights would be a good addition.

  3. I vote for the Allycats booties- super cute!

  4. Thanks! I think they'll be a keeper. :)

  5. Thank you for dropping by, Maren Anita! :)


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