Friday, December 16, 2011

keep or return? Love Fire pants

    My shopping ban on clothes is officially over! It was very instructive to not buy new clothes for a few months. Here are some things I learned:
  • my needs are really wants
  • I own a lot of clothes, but usually wear the same things over (and over)
  • my closet needs some serious purging
  • With some creativity, I can shop my closet for theme/special events (pajama night, storytelling presentation), save money, and look good   :)
  • There are some items that I don't own that would add a lot of versatility to my wardrobe
   Up until recently I thought pants, skirts, and any other bottom had to come in a neutral. Black was preferred, although navy, brown or charcoal gray were within the realm of possibility.
  Then I started seeing folks rocking colored pants everywhere. The girl sitting next to me in my database searching class with bright purple skinnies. Courtney of I Can Be Many Things with her fantastic hot pink pants. And on and on ...
   Colored pants moved to the top of my shopping list. I tried on a bunch of colored pants at Nordstrom Rack this weekend, and picked up these green Love Fire pants. They had other brands available, but I noticed that this one seemed to fit the best.
    I'm undecided about the color. They had red Love Fire pants as well, but they weren't in my size. Somehow I always pictured myself jumping into the color pool with a splash and buying red, purple or something bright. I'm also not sure about what colors to wear with this green, but I kind of like the way it looks with my animal-print scarf.

   I'm also not sure about all the creasing, but maybe that's because they're made of a lighter material? It could also be because the hem needs shortening and the excess fabric is creeping up my legs.
   What do you think -- keep or return?


  1. I like the color, but not the creasing areas, hmmm, might be a return according to me.

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  2. I really like it paired with the scarf but if the creasing is bothering you then return :) Otherwise I would keep :)

  3. Thank you, Thu and Katherine! I'm going to try them on again as well as keep looking at other brands. Maybe something with a bit more stretch would not crease so much.


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