Tuesday, December 13, 2011


     I've been remiss on Try-it-out Tuesdays, but I have no excuse now that classes are over!
     I found this shirt at Goodwill, and there were so many things I liked about it. The lavender color, the print, and that it's silk. The deal-maker? It's crinkled silk (I love things that don't need ironing).
    The one thing I was iffy about was the length. It is a petite shirt, but it rides pretty high even on short-waisted me. The proportion looks wrong with pants.
Rafaella top, thrifted; CK pencil skirt
    I didn't want to wear jeans to work today (which rarely happens), so I seized the opportunity to experiment. I threw this together and really liked it. :)


  1. Great job~ I think that top definitely works well with that pencil skirt ;)

  2. What a pretty shirt! Love the color and print, and it looks great paired with that skirt!

  3. Thank you, Katherine and Inna. :)


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