Thursday, December 29, 2011

size it up: DKNY petite skinny jeans

     I picked up this deep purpleish/wine-colored pair of jeans at Macy's a few weeks ago to compare with the green Love Fire pants I reviewed here.
    I'm still amazed by how crucial a camera is to reviewing the fit of a pair of pants.
Not-so-bad front view
    The tag notes that these are mid rise, with a skinny fit and skinny leg. I think the mid rise accounts for the creasing in the crotch area, which Kelly of Alterations Needed dubbed "jeanis." I am also stymied by the creasing at the knees, and beginning to wonder if this is unavoidable when buying skinnies.

Not-so-bad side view
     One good thing about these pants is the petite length - no excess to cuff or turn under at the hems.
     While the front and side views of these jeans aren't so bad, the back view is outright disappointing. The pockets look too low and large, and the creases below the pockets and at the knees are unsightly and distracting. I feel the green pants' pockets were more flattering in size and placement.
   The DKNY skinnies, even with a sale discount and a coupon, were significantly more expensive than the Love Fire pair and are headed back to Macy's. I'll hold onto the Love Fire pair for now while I continue the quest for a well-fitting colored pant. ...


  1. Too bad about the fit :( I like the color though :) Happy new year :)

  2. If the fit had been better, I would have definitely kept them ... I thought this was a fun color. :) Happy New Year to you as well! :)


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