Thursday, December 22, 2011

king of regifting

    The Mr. jokingly said I am "off" girlfriend duty this week, as sis is in town. I did drop by his house, however, last night to deliver some gift bags, tags and ribbons, and to help him wrap and package gifts.
    When I got there, there was a ripped-open present on the sofa. The box contained several items, which were speedily divvied up for regifting. It always amuses me to watch the Mr. regift. He is not particularly sentimental, so he doesn't dither over the issue of regifting. At one point he even inspected our meager DVD collection to see whether any were regiftable!
   Speaking of gifts ... I did brave the mall with my mom this week, and we did surprisingly well, both in the acquisition of presents and in the acquisition of parking stalls. We scored double free samples at See's and some great sale items at Macy's. I even picked up a little something for me (review to come!). :)


  1. Our company had a re-gifting exchange! I actually got a decanter so I was pleased with my new 're-gift.'

  2. Hahha regifting :) Love to see what you picked up :)

  3. Good to hear that re-gifting worked for you! :)

  4. Good ol' regifting. I love sales! Glad the mall went well for you!


  5. Thanks for dropping by, Sherri! I love sales too ... the Mr. thinks I love them too much, but I disagree. :)

  6. So am I! I guess the Mr.'s viewpoint is rubbing off. :)


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