Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Try-it-out (Wednesday): doubling up

    Classes are still keeping me busy, but one final project is completed, two more to go! :)
    T+J Designs is running a style challenge about statement jewelry, so I thought it'd be a fun idea for a belated Try-it-out post.
    I've mentioned my love of whimsical/cute tees before. A tee and jeans is the ultimate in comfortable and simple, but I decided to see whether this Jedidiah tee could be dressed up a little. Enter this Forever 21 pearl-and-chain necklace:
  I also added a light blue cardigan (previously loved by E.I.):
    (Click here for a good look at the tee shirt's design.)
    I'm not a fan of pastels, but I'm surprised at how much I like the soft blue and pink together.
    Pairing a printed tee with a bold necklace is a little out of my comfort zone, but I think the necklace and cardigan add polish to an otherwise basic outfit.


  1. Oooo I love that tee! It is definitely whimsical :)

  2. I'm not generally huge on pastels either, but I agree these look great together!

  3. Thank you, Katherine & Inna! :)

  4. Two years ago I seem to have no idea what jewelry was. About a year ago I started opening myself up to buying pieces (fun cheap ones) and now I am totally on board for a bold statement piece to accent an outfit. Keep it up - I love the look, and before you know it, you'll be blinging it out, like it or not, because you'll love it! ;o)

  5. Lisa - I'm looking forward to that day when I'm blinged out and proud of it. :)

  6. You look so cute! I love the necklace :) thanks so much for being part of the challenge!


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