Tuesday, November 29, 2011

it's in the bag

     Just a quick little post of what I wore for lunch on Thanksgiving. ...
     This is my first post ever that includes a bag! I'm one of those folks who drags the same purse around for months, but I love how the bag adds something special to the outfit. One day I'll get really ambitious and do shoes and a bag in the same photo ...
Jade beetle bracelet, previously loved by the generous C.L. :)
       When I bought this shirt, I thought the print was of feathers. Looking at it again, it reminds me of eyes. Not what  I expected, but the colors are awesome. 
     Happy Tuesday! Hoping to shoot some Try-it-out Tuesday photos later today ...


  1. Ooo I would love to have a closeup look at your bag :) Jade beetle bracelet is pretty!


  2. You are totally right! When I first looked at the pattern I was thinking gorgeous feathers/petals...but yeah I do see...eyes. interesting!

  3. Cute! A great Thanksgiving look :)

  4. Katherine - I'll take better photos of the bag the next time I use it. :)
    Bessie & Megan - thank you for dropping by! Flowy top with interesting pattern = go-to shirt for days that are full of food. :)

  5. Love the colors in the shirt. And feathers, eyes, who cares- it's awesome!

  6. Love that top! Great Thanksgiving look:)


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