Saturday, December 3, 2011

Inspired by: Mae of thereafter-ish

   A big thank you to Mae of thereafter-ish, whose travel outfits inspired this one. I like that she puts her own stylish stamp on a comfortable, practical outfit through the mixing of patterns and the inclusion of playful accessories. Click here to see her latest outfit that mixes an interestingly cut top, animal print and stripes.
   I started with some old favorites: a loose-fitting linen buttondown and jeans.  Then I added a camisole and left the shirt partially open to highlight my drapey necklace. The finishing touch was an arm party to add some intricacy, color and sparkle.
     Long gone are the days of wearing one bracelet at a time! I am an official arm-party addict. Even my students noticed one day and admired the pile-up. :)
'Iolani Palace door hinge bracelet (rhodium plated)
     One of my favorite landmarks is 'Iolani Palace. I still remember our fourth-grade field trip -- we had to put covers on our shoes to protect the gorgeous wooden floors and our admission tickets looked like old-fashioned dance cards. Definitely a place to check out if you are ever in beautiful Honolulu! :)

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