Wednesday, November 16, 2011

treading that fine line

     I had so much fun wearing my printed chiffon scarf that I couldn't resist picking up a new one at Ross. It didn't have any tag, so I was a bit nervous about the price, but it came out to a whopping $5.99.
     Good thing about this scarf: it has more volume than my thin chiffon scarf.
     Problematic thing about this scarf: see above.
     I tried wearing it simply draped around my neck, but it reaches my knees. I took this first photo earlier, so it shows me wearing it in an infinity tie, with the blazer over it to cut down on the poof.
     But when I actually wore this outfit (second photo), I did some major twisting. I might try the simple drape with a longer black blazer (and heels for some height wouldn't hurt either).

Opal earrings, previously loved by EKM
       After wearing this, I'm wondering whether the scarf and stripes are too much at once. There's a fine line between playful juxtaposition and overload.

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