Tuesday, November 15, 2011

bringin' it ... in my jammies

     I'm taking a storytelling class, and one of my classmates is an elementary school librarian. Her school is holding a pajama night on Friday, and she invited us to tell a story as part of the festivities. I've decided to go, because it will be a good way to try out storytelling in front of an audience (ulp) before my Dec. 9 class presentation.
     Problem #1: I chose to focus my presentation on Hans Christian Andersen, which means I need to do a word-for-word memorization of the stories I choose. I've almost got "The Ugly Duckling" memorized, but there's a bit more work to do before Friday. Whenever I'm in the car, I turn the radio off and practice out loud.
     Problem #2: I need to memorize the story well enough that it doesn't look like I've memorized it and  am just rattling it off.
     Problem #3: What to wear to pajama night? I'd like to go with the theme, yet I want to feel confident in front of an audience. You know, because I want to look stylish as my mind goes blank. :O Just kidding, I'm thinking positive about the whole experience.

      When I saw Elaine of Clothed Much sporting the most perfect pair of silk striped pajama pants, I realized that silk jammies are the way to go. However, I'm sticking to my vow to buy no new clothing, so running out and getting some was out of the question.
    Some options that are in my closet:
  • An oversized Snoopy T that reads "This is my official napping shirt" + pair of skinnies. I think the problem would be I'd look 12 years old in this getup. 
  • Pajama pants + black tank and cardigan. All the pajama pants I own have cutesy prints, so same problem as option 1.
  • Pink camisole with gray polka dots. I picked this up from the Ralph Lauren/Polo outlet many years ago. It might work with another cami layered underneath, a cardigan, and jeans or simple black pants.

Thoughts/opinions/ideas? I would love to hear them. :)


  1. I would just go with the crazy napping shirt but that's just me! I wouldn't mind looking silly especially if it was pajama day! At least you aren't going in a onesie! Good luck on the memorization! I think you'll be fine!

  2. LOL. Thanks for the first laugh of the day, Courtney! Yes, a onesie would be a bit much. :) However, I noticed at Macy's the other day that they had fuzzy footed PJs for adult women(???)


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