Friday, November 4, 2011

a little knowledge ...

really is a dangerous thing. I looked at my camera settings quickly today, but I need to sit down with the manual and figure out how to change the settings back. So these photos are brought to you today by the magic of Picnik.
    I decided to tame my snake-print dress with a buttondown knotted at the waist. The dress has a shirt collar as well, but I tucked it inside the dress. I'd like to redo the sleeves eventually - the cuffs make it hard to layer something over the dress.
    I feel a little like Goldilocks in regard to dresses this week. The one I wore earlier was a little tight on top, while this one is a little loose. I've learned to be more careful about assessing the fit before I buy.
    Love the full skirt on this, but I ended up clutching it as I walked to class -- I wasn't expecting it to be so windy! Note to self: check the weather report before wearing this dress. Also, this outfit needs "winterizing." I know that sounds silly when I live in Hawaii, but my legs were freezing in my air-conditioned classroom. I've seen a lot of folks in the blogging world rocking their dresses with tights, but all I own right now is a pair of leggings that ends slightly above the ankle. And then I have no idea what shoe to wear with the tights/leggings ...


  1. I still need to learn how to use Picnik, I think you did a great job with the photos! The python print skirt is gorgeous!

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Bessie! :) Would love to get PhotoShop one day, but for now Picnik is fast and easy and gets the job done.


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