Thursday, November 3, 2011

double florals & next time, I'll just stand

    Next week's rule-breaking challenge over at Clothed Much is double florals. I pondered my options quite a bit before settling on this combination. I don't own many florals, and what I do own is more on the abstract side.
   I tweaked something on my camera settings, and while I like the effect, it's not very good for showing the outfit's actual details (see second photo). I didn't have time to figure out how to untweak the settings, so here I am using the unsophisticated stretch-your-arm-out photographic method.
   Speaking of unsophisticated, I was such a klutzoid when I met my adviser to plan my spring class schedule.  First, I accidentally banged the metal chair into the metal desk, which made a sound so loud that people on the fifth floor probably heard it. Then at the end of the meeting, I put the chair back very awkwardly as I juggled my notebook and backpack. I felt like I was doing a comedy routine, except that implies planning and an intention to entertain. Me? I was just trying to deal with a chair. Oh well. At least I looked good.
         The Mr. does not understand this sweater -- he thinks it looks weird. My cousin, however, complimented me on it. Given that my cousin has possessed distinct opinions and preferences regarding her clothing since the age of 3, I'm more inclined to trust her opinion.
     What item of clothing do you love that baffles the men in your life?


  1. My fiance hates capri pants, and he only recently came around to maxi skirts/dresses. Men are so weird! You look adorable :)

  2. Ach, men don't "get" fashion, it's just a fact of life! ;o)

  3. @Megan - hmmm, I've heard that maxis are man-repelling, but I didn't know capris were too!

    @Lisa - the Mr. actually has a pretty good eye for fit and pattern, but some things just fall outside of his realm of understanding. He also harbors a strong aversion to pockets on dresses.

  4. My boyfriend demanded I never wear my men's Jockey boxers again--they poufed out in the back, which I never noticed until he pointed it out lol.


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