Thursday, November 3, 2011

Product love: face time

     My skin care regimen is still a work in progress, but here are some of my must-have products.
 (DISCLAIMER: As you can guess, I am not compensated in any way for these recommendations/reviews.)

     Face wash: Aveeno Clear Complexion cream cleanser (not pictured, I'm temporarily out :( ). Don't get this mixed up with the foam cleanser (pictured) that has a similar name ... the cream cleanser is so much better! I think it has a slightly higher amount of salicylic acid. While my acne has subsided since my teen years, I still have habitual problem areas, and this cleanser really cuts down on breakouts.
     Face scrub/mask: Mychelle's fruit enzyme scrub. Most masks are too harsh for my skin -- they leave me red and tender vs. smooth and glowing. However, this fruit enzyme scrub softens and exfoliates without taking things too far.
     Protection: Cosmetic Skin Solutions C + E Ferulic serum. A more affordable version of the SkinCeuticals serum touted for its anti-aging and protective effects.
    Sunscreen: Mychelle Sun Shield. Years ago I figured out that I am allergic to most sunscreens, but the zinc and titanium dioxide in this don't irritate my skin. Previous versions would sometimes leave a whiteish residue, but Mychelle's fixed that and it goes on smoothly with no white tint. Mychelle has 15%-off sales, and free shipping for a reasonable purchase amount, and that's when I stock up.
    Moisturizer:  Mychelle's Unscented Deep Repair Cream. The Mr. hates the way this smells (he says it smells like eggs), but will gamely suffer through it because "it's for beauty." (haha!) I like that it's light enough to put on beneath foundation.
   What are some of your go-to skin products?


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