Friday, October 14, 2011

viva la arm party!

     Signs that you probably watch too much "South Park": when your Traditional Literature and Oral Narration class reminds you of a specific episode. The teacher shared with us a snippet of Robert Bly's "Sibling Society," which posits that society has moved from a parent-in-charge view to the child-makes-her-own-decisions mindset. And then the teacher even referred to "dog whisperer" Cesar Millan! (The episode I'm thinking about is the one where Cartman's mom, fed up with his running the show, calls in Cesar Millan to help her take charge.) 

       For this outfit I wanted to play with shades of blue and also try out the arm party idea. I originally didn't include the two jade bracelets, but then I decided, the more the merrier.

      I'd be embarrassed to admit just how much time I spent admiring my arm party during class. I truly hope everyone else was too absorbed in the classwork to notice me. I can hope, right?


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