Friday, October 21, 2011

blue & yellow

    I was very excited to find a new way to wear both this cardi and necklace (see necklace in full here). 

Leopard cardi and necklace, Macy's; gray camisole, Forever 21
     Tucking in the necklace puts the focus on the blue and how well it plays off the yellow. Here's hoping that the necklace stays tucked! I'm headed off to class now, so we'll see how well it stays in place.


  1. I think the blue necklace pops against both outfits you've worn with it so far. Both backgrounds are neutral enough to showcase a statement necklace such as this one.

    PS - Love the leopard print! So unique.

  2. what a pretty printed top and i love the blue against the yellow!

    cute & little


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