Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Try-it-out Tuesday: starting points

     Pre-blog days, my clothing choices were often dictated by two key criteria: 1) is it ironed? 2) Does it match something that is also ironed?
      This Tuesday, I decided to challenge myself. These shoes and necklace are recent purchases, and I wanted to experiment with building an outfit based on these key pieces.
     I loved the colors and drape of this necklace when I spotted it while browsing the Macy's clearance section. It's very different from my other necklaces, which tend to be on the dainty, understated side. Since I'm still searching for my style, I'm not sure whether this necklace is really "me." But it looked fun and different.
     I couldn't really figure out what colors/style of top to wear with this necklace, so I wimped out with a basic black T and pencil skirt.
    On a whim I added the fuschia belt, another recent purchase. No, I don't believe in wearing all of my new purchases at once, but I wanted to see how it looked with the other colors.

    I'm excited about finding these shoes! I literally own one black pair of comfortable sandals for work, so these will be a great alternative. I think the pewter color is just a little different and pretty.

     I kind of like the light in this last photo, and this is the best sitting-on-the-ground photo I've taken yet. Just don't ask what I'm doing with my hands, or whose mess that is in the background ...


  1. Lol, I agree, 'is it ironed' still dictates my outfits ;)

    xx Cristina

  2. Love the fuschia belt :) Provides a great pop of color


  3. Cute! I love your new shoes :)!!

  4. @Cristina: glad to know I'm not the only one!
    @katattack: It's my first colored belt, so I think you'll be seeing it here often.
    @Jade: Thanks! They don't beat out your $3 steals, though.

  5. Hey don't be down that you wimped out! You completed your goal in wearing your necklace and shoes together and that's the main thing! And you look great! Adding the belt was a great choice, because you had two blue accessories already and the fushia is a good pop of color. I think you did great :) I'm excited for next Tuesday!

    Thanks so much for the comment you are so sweet

  6. Thank you for the encouragement, Courtney. :)


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