Monday, October 31, 2016

White Rabbit, part II

shirt, vest, blazer, "pocketwatch" - thrifted
bow tie - made by me
Pixie chino pants, Old Navy

    This year's Halloween costume was a reprise of a Spirit Week costume from last year (my former school didn't allow students and staff to dress up for Halloween). I splurged and got myself a pair of rabbit ears from the Halloween store, then thrifted the rest. It was a fun way to put a costume together - there's something satisfying about searching and bringing different pieces together to create a whole.
Born Arletta

    I accessorized with my new pair of shoes - a lucky find at Nordstrom Rack over the weekend. It's cooling down, and I've come to the sad conclusion that I need to put my sandals aside and wear covered shoes. These are the oxfords I've been seeking for so long! I've admired the menswear-ish vibe of an oxford, but never actually liked the way they looked on my feet - they seemed clunky and heavy whenever I tried them on. These have a taper to the toe that make them look feminine, not clunky. They're from the Born brand, which so far I have found comfortable and supportive - essential for a work shoe! 
    Halloween on a weekday is always trying for teachers, but there were some small victories. I had my students practice reading aloud partner poems from the book "You Read to Me, I'll Read to You" last week, and today they got to share their readings with a few other grade levels. It was delightful to listen to their expressive takes on the poems and see how they added their own creative touches to the performance with gestures. Second small victory of the day - steering clear of the plethora of grocery-store baked goods - cupcakes, cookies, and more -  that popped up in our room for the Halloween party ... 

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