Saturday, August 27, 2016

taking stock: my current closet

    As part of the process of moving, I purged pretty ruthlessly. I thought it would be interesting to take stock of exactly what's left. I admit, it's much less time-consuming to just look in my closets and drawers (haha!), but at the same time, it's kind of nice to have it laid out this way. Disclaimer: I did leave a number of things at my mom's house, for instance, a few long-sleeve tops and items I could wear on a visit home, but this represents what I have with me in Vegas at the moment.

TOPS (includes cardigans and kimonos)

L-R top: American Eagle Outfitters tank, Forever 21 top, Old Navy top
L-R bottom: Style & Co. top, Express top (thrifted), BCBG silk top (thrifted)
L-R top: Old Navy tee, American Eagle Outfitters mesh tank, Home tee
L-R middle: Old Navy charcoal gray tank and kimono made by me; Old Navy blue tank; H&M tank
L-R bottom: yellow Gap Outlet cardigan, pink print kimono, cobalt Gap Outlet cardigan
L-R: Angie kimono, Old Navy graphic tee, Tommy Hilfiger teacup print sleeveless top
L-R: Old Navy gray embroidered top, Gap striped tee, Banana Republic tank

Not shown: wine-colored loose sweater top (worn here) and black Banana Republic cardigan.

The breakdown:
18 shirts
3 cardigans (black, cobalt, yellow)
3 kimono tops

Possible future needs: It doesn't get terribly cold here in Vegas during the winter, but it'd be nice to get a sweater or two. Depending on what kind of job I end up with, I may need to get a few tops, perhaps solid-colored. I'd also like to get a red cardigan (gave away the one pictured due to fit) because it goes so well with all of the blues in my closet.


L-R, top to bottom: Old Navy 5-inch inseam shorts, Tommy Hilfiger chambray shorts, i Jeans by Buffalo Bermuda shorts (I have a second pair in denim), pink pineapple print Old navy shorts
    I actually wear my distressed Old Navy denim skirt 95% of the time when I leave the house on the weekend or to run errands, so I don't think I need any more pairs.


L-R: Indigo Rein cuffed jeans, Jolt cargo pants, Calvin Klein petite straight leg jeans (I also have a pair in regular sizing), Old Navy Harper trousers.
  Pants *sigh.* Why is it so hard to find a decent-fitting pair? I got away with wearing my cuffed jeans and straight leg jeans to work due to a very casual dress code, but I don't think I can get away with it here.
   I've moved away from skirts in the last few years (kind of funny, as my first post featured a pencil skirt!), but I'm reconsidering - it seems easier to find a decent-fitting skirt that's work-appropriate.
Possible future purchases: One or two pairs of work pants and maybe a skirt or two. I also miss my pair of white jeans - I gave them away because they didn't fit anymore. I also miss my black-and-white patterned drapey pants, which I gave away because they were a bit too short. I didn't wear them too often, since the majority of my tops are patterned, but they were lightweight, comfortable, a different silhouette, and the only patterned pants I owned.


L-R: Hourglass Lilly swing dress (thrifted, and always worn with leggings); Tommy Hilfiger knit dress; Alfani shirtdress (thrifted)

L-R: Jones New York knit dress (have a second one - same cut, different print); Chaudry maxi; Maison Jules embroidered dress
L-R: BCBG silk dress (thrifted); Old Navy fit and flare jersey dress; Threads 4 Thought hi-lo hem dress
Dresses: 10
  I've come to really appreciate a good dress - it's such a quick way to get dressed and look put-together. I'm always on the hunt for a good cotton dress - nothing beats cotton for comfort.


Possible future purchases: I'd like to get a couple of pairs of slightly dressy but comfortable sandals for work wear, and maybe a boot and/or oxford for cooler weather.

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