Wednesday, July 13, 2016

chocolate cake, Slurpees, and interview garb


  • "The Chocolate Cake Sutra" by Geri Larkin was not quite what I expected, but that's a good thing.  Larkin's writing is accessible, down to earth, and funny. I haven't delved into Buddhist sutras yet, but reading Larkin's take on the Flower Ornament sutra may inspire me to read it for myself. Lots of turmoil and pain in our little world right now, and this is a book I would recommend to anyone who wishes to live thoughtfully and with care.
  •   "Dreams of Joy" by Lisa See. Sequels can be tricky, but I think See did a good job of writing a followup to her novel "Shanghai Girls" that lets her characters grow and change. It's a fascinating - and harrowing - look at China under Mao and the Great Leap Forward. It brought to mind "Animal Farm." I didn't know much about China during this time period, so it was an educational read. 
    I'm on the job hunt, and I wore this for both a phone interview and an in-person interview.

  top and Harper trousers, Old Navy
Clark Evant Regency heels, outlet
tassel necklace, eBay

   I'm still on the (seemingly eternal) quest for a decent-fitting pair of work pants. If I get a job that requires business casual garb, I will have to hit the mall and try on a ton of pants, because most of my bottoms are jeans. These are almost right, but not quite. I might try going down a size to see whether that helps - right now I feel the back is a bit too baggy and the waist doesn't sit where it should (midrise). A lot of the reviews say these pants stretch out a lot during wear, but I haven't noticed that - although I haven't worn them the whole day yet.

Peanut butter jelly baked oatmeal, based on this recipe. I did sub in butter for the coconut oil and just used the strawberry preserves that were in my cabinet. For the last month or so I've been working hard to live more healthfully - working out regularly and trying to eat better. This is a tasty, filling breakfast.

   I know, I know, I just said that I'm trying to live more healthfully. But when 7-11 is giving away free Slurpees, I will make an exception and indulge. I walked there and back, so I figure it all balanced out. I grew up drinking Icees, not Slurpees, so I went with the Coke flavor for verisimilitude (when I was a kid, the two Icee flavors were strawberry and Coke).

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