Monday, August 17, 2015

compromise and tassels

black embroidered top cuffed jeans teacher style summer outfits
Style & Co. shirt and Indigo Rein jeans, Macy's

    An I'm-tired-of-wearing-dresses-but-it's-too-hot-for-real-jeans outfit. My compromise was the ultra-lightweight pants - so glad I bought these on a whim a while back. They're very casual, but somehow they look and feel just a bit more work-appropriate to me than denim Bermuda shorts. 
    I'm spanning the age spectrum in this outfit; the pants are from the junior's section, and the top is from Style & Co., whose items can be a bit old-ladyish. But I have to say, this shirt is wonderful: lightweight cotton with pretty embroidery, no gaping neck (although I'm wearing a cami bra for coverage), and no gaping armholes, either. And, tassels! Any day that you can wear tassels to work is a good day. 

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