Tuesday, July 14, 2015

You probably don't know that ...

dress, Old Navy
necklace, gift

      I got the idea for this post after reading Patricia Alexandra's version ... I was too late for the linkup wtih Helene In Between, but I thought it was a fun idea.

1. I LOVE junk food. S'mores Pop-Tarts, Combos, Cheetos, Chicken in a Biskit ... yes, yes, and yes. These are foods I snacked on in my childhood and I wish I had lost my taste for them, but I haven't.
2. I am not obsessive compulsive at all, but if I walk by tables and chairs and the chairs are not pushed in, I have to push in the one(s) closest to me. I think this is a teacher problem.
3. I am extremely disorganized. I truly believe I am lacking some essential gene for organizing and decluttering. However, I have made great strides at work in organizing my space. A classroom needs to be organized not just for me as the teacher, but for the twenty-plus students using the same space. A daunting task for someone who's disorganized, but last school year I surprised myself a few times by finding what I needed where it should be. I also figured out that if I labeled a space with exactly what goes inside, I stick to what's on the label. I tried this with the left side of my desk and it worked. Now I just need to do this with my entire house and classroom ....
4. I get cold very easily. When I used to work in a bookstore, if I didn't bring a jacket, I'd be losing the feeling in my fingers halfway through my shift.
5. As a kid my favorite toy was My Little Pony. My sister and I probably owned more than 80 ponies altogether. We had a castle for them to live in, hair ribbons galore, and tons of tiny outfits.
6. I can't go to sleep without a blanket. Even on the hottest nights, I will put just a corner of my sheet over my middle - I don't feel comfortable without it.
7. Speaking of sleeping, I am an extremely deep sleeper, yet also restless - I wake up, turn over, and sit up in bed regularly. I also have restless leg syndrome, which usually isn't so bad, but flares up when I'm extremely tired. 
8. I dislike using the phone. I am the worst at calling people back or making calls. I much prefer to communicate with most people via text, instant message, or e-mail.
9.  I have terrible allergies - grass is the worst offender, but I'm also allergic to dogs, cats, dust mites, and certain chemicals found in cosmetics. My husband jokes that any future offspring will probably have to live in a bubble if they inherit my allergies.
10. When I lived in California, I ate a mostly vegetarian diet. I enjoyed being vegetarian, but I have to admit that now I love my meat, too.

* Photo from before school ended ... I like this dress, but looking at the photos makes me think a belt is a must, unless I want to look like I am wearing a polka-dotted bag.


  1. This is such a cool idea for a post...I just might have to steal it! I'm the same way too about the blanket thing. I have no idea why! Even if it's just a towel over my neck I'm better off!


  2. Thanks for dropping by - I'd like to read your list! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who needs some kind of covering to go to sleep. :)

  3. Aww I think the dress looks great plain. But accessories just give you more options. Great to get to know you better!! (omg I still love chicken biscuit crackers, even though the msg in the dust makes me ill)

  4. I have the same allergies :) Great interesting facts :)


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