Thursday, July 2, 2015

June budget

jersey fit & flare dress, Old Navy, $9.88
I have to admit, my purchase was influenced by seeing how great this dress looked on both Audrey of Putting Me Together (here) and Fran of Franish (here). When I spotted my size in the clearance section, I decided to take a chance.

2 relaxed slub-knit tanks (charcoal gray and navy), workout tank, 5-inch inseam shorts, $8.89 (used $30 rewards)
Living in a tropical climate, I probably can't justify buying myself a special summer wardrobe. But I don't own easy-fitting, solid-color tanks and I don't own any pink bottoms, much less pink bottoms with itty-bitty pineapples all over them.

Charlotte Russe sequined top, Goodwill, $6.99
I usually try to steer clear of buying fast fashion secondhand ... but when I saw this I said, "Ooh, sparkly!" and had to get it. Another whimsical purchase.

necklace, Macy's, $10.68
I was looking for a necklace to pair specifically with my striped tees, but haven't tried this on with them yet. It will likely go back if it doesn't work.

Merona vintage slub V tank, Target, $0 (gift cards)
    There's a Target close to my work, but none close to home, so I rarely shop there. I had some gift cards (given to me by generous, kind students and their families) hanging around in my wallet, lonely and unused. This tank looked like something I could dress up for work with a necklace, or in cooler weather, with a cardigan.

Chaudry dress, Ross, $18.99 (I wore it here)
     I like the ease of a maxi dress. I tend to buy them, but not wear them enough. I'm going to work to change that - this one's too pretty to let it languish in my closet!

Budget:$50. 00
Over: $5.43

   Slightly over budget this month, but I'm happy to add some sleeveless cotton tops to my closet - I'm already thinking of dressing them up with a necklace for those first, very hot weeks of school. I think the dress will also be great for work or for weekends.  My sequin top and printed shorts will be strictly weekend wear, but they're lots of fun at a great price.
   What'd you buy in June that you absolutely love?


  1. Whimsical purchases are the best. They exist solely to please us. These are great. You should never let a gift card go to waste!
    My favorite June purchase was a handmade vintage-reproduction dress. I bought it when visiting Woodstock from the woman who made it. So wonderful.

  2. That's a lot of stuff for just over $50! Personally I think my favourite purchase last month was a striped pencil skirt I can wear to work with pretty much every top I own.

  3. Ally - that dress is gorgeous! Anything handmade is something special. :)

  4. Cassie - gift cards and BananaCard rewards were instrumental for coming in close to budget last month!
    Stripes are classic - I need more patterned bottoms! You'll get some great use out of that skirt.


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