Thursday, June 18, 2015

bloom where you're planted

printed pants black and white chambray patterned pants

chambray top, thrifted
drapey twill pants, Old Navy
Kenneth Cole Reaction earrings, hand-me-down from sis

      I've been interested in trying out a pair of soft pants, but I tried on many pairs whose pocket placement made my hips look bigger. I tried these on at Old Navy in regular sizing and was excited to find out that the pockets worked for me. 
    I own a number of patterned skirts and dresses, but no patterned pants, so these are a great addition to my closet. (I have to confess, since buying these I also purchased a pair of shorts printed with tiny pineapples. And, they're light pink. Who  am I becoming?) They're lightweight and comfortable. After reading the online reviews, I ordered petite but hand-washed vs. machine washing as the tag says, since so many buyers reported shrinkage. These seem to have gotten just a bit shorter than I remember them being out of the package, but I wear fairly low shoes so it hasn't been a problem. I hope they don't keep shrinking, however! Perhaps I should have purchased them in regular and cut off a few inches, but they likely would still be sitting on my to-mend pile ...
    I was worried that my new pants would look a little too much like pajamas, so for my inaugural wearing I went with a more structured, formal top (well, as structured and formal as a chambray buttondown can be).  I wore this to grab lunch with my colleagues yesterday. I landed at my current school by chance - returning from two years of leave, I was placed there by the district and I knew nothing about the school - but over the past two years I've realized that I landed in a spot where I could grow. My colleagues are a great bunch - people who love kids, welcome new ideas, are willing to work hard and work together, and are ready to pick me up and encourage me when I hit setbacks. People who I've come to see as friends, people who I look forward to meeting for lunch during the summer. Teaching has its rewards and challenges, and I am beyond thankful to count my colleagues among the former.


  1. Cute pants. I'm glad you have colleagues you like; that makes a big difference.

  2. I love patterned pants. to me, they're more fun than plain ones. It's great to have a job you love. I've been on the hunt for a little while now and just landed a new position I hope to like! If not love!

  3. Hope your new job is going well, Megan! You're right, a patterned bottom can be lots of fun. :)

  4. Yes, while there are many circumstances that can't be controlled at any job, excellent colleagues go a long way toward boosting job satisfaction.


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