Friday, May 9, 2014

return of the maxi

essential tee, Gap
necklace and INC skirt, Macy's

     Sorry for the slightly blurry face, but at least my outfit appears to be in better focus. ;) After languishing in my closet for a while, this maxi skirt is getting some use! So is this navy tee, which has also been surprisingly unloved. Is there anything better than pairing up two underused items of clothing for one outfit? Well, besides brownies, and true love, and a fresh pile of library books ... 
    Speaking of books, my class has reached a milestone - we just started the last read-aloud of the year! Previous read-alouds we enjoyed were "Silverwing," "Gregor the Overlander," and "The Golden Compass." It was a close race between the sequel to "Compass" and "Frindle," but "Frindle" edged out the competition, mostly because I pointed out that it would be tough to read a 326-page book by the end of May, while they had an excellent chance of hearing all of the much shorter "Frindle." At home, I've just started diving into "Daughter of Smoke and Bone," and have been enjoying it so far. I like to read before bed, and have been going to bed a little later than planned because I have trouble putting it down.
     Time seems to speed up as we approach the end of the school year. We're just about done with state testing, but I plan to spend a good part of my weekend putting together a mandatory binder about my math instruction and student data. The binder is just one component of a slew of new state-wide requirements for teachers. While I think the requirements need streamlining, I have to acknowledge that I've learned a lot from being required to look closely at my students' performance.  
P.S.: When I titled this post, this song randomly popped into my head ...


  1. I used to overlook the appeal of maxi skirts but now love them. Not only are they cute -- as you demonstrate -- but they're surprisingly comfy.
    I like your observations about teaching. My wife is the director of Math Leadership at a school that gives Master's Degrees to teachers and she wrestles with these issues every day. Her job is to find ways to help teachers like you teach better, particularly in math.

  2. This outfit looks SO comfy and so adorable!!!!

  3. Thanks, Mark! I'm glad that I've added this skirt to my regular rotation. It's extremely comfortable and fun to style, and it's nice to wear a neutral other than denim blue or black.

  4. Thank you! I've never been a big fan of solid tees before, but they are really easy to pair with this skirt, and a necklace is a fast way to pull the look together.

  5. You're right, these skirts are comfy! I think they can be very elongating, too. I own several maxi dresses, and unfortunately I haven't worn them as much as I'd like. I see incorporating the maxi skirt into my regular outfit rotation as a baby step toward wearing my beautiful long dresses more often! Somehow a maxi dress feels too fancy for everyday wear.
    Your wife's job sounds really neat. I would say one of my triumphs this year is becoming a better math teacher. Schools/districts are starting to provide more structure/training, and that really helps someone like me, who doesn't have much of a math background.


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