Friday, January 31, 2014

missing syllables

top, Calvin Klein Outlet
Calvin Klein petite jeans, Ross (birthday present to myself)
Banana Republic cardigan, from mom

    I bought myself a new pair of jeans as a birthday present, and I'm still figuring out whether I like them. I wish the waist was a bit smaller, since the legs are so fitted and stretchy that they tend to slide down a bit. (Does that make sense? I don't quite know how to explain it, but that's what it feels like when I'm wearing them). Anyhow, hitching up my pants in front of 25 fourth-graders is not going to happen, so for this outfit I settled for pairing it with a longer top. I did like these pants better the second time I wore them, compared to the first. I also have to admit, I really like the way they look in the above photo. They make me look long and lean, which is a feat when you are about 5 feet tall.

     On Tuesday afternoon, my colleague and I decided to combine our classes for a showing of a Magic School Bus video on cells, then have some guided discussion.
    During the discussion, I asked the students, "What is the scientific name for living things?" One of my students had her hand up, so I called on her, and she proudly announced .... well, let's say that she didn't say organisms. But if take out the "ni" in that word, you'll know what she said. ; ) All I could say was, "Well, I think your word is missing a syllable. Anyone else know the scientific word?"
     Keeping up with 25 fourth-graders is a lot of work, but they can be extremely entertaining at times!


  1. Ha! That's so cute. Fourth grade is when kids have some knowledge but not enough to truly understand things, which can lead to examples of this type of humor.
    I doubt you're old enough to remember this but there was a popular TV show on when I was young called "Kids Say The Darnedest Things", with Art Linklater. It was often hilarious.

  2. I used to LOOOOVE magic school bus! Okay, maybe I still do!

    On the jeans issue, I've gotten jeans tailored to fit me better at the waist and it works WAY better than trying to make it work with a belt or pulling them up all the time! They look like a great fit otherwise though, so happy birthday to you!

    dash dot dotty

  3. Happy bday to you :) This looks great and I can see you are accessorizing a whole lot more :)

  4. Thanks, dotty! I think I will look into taking the pants in at the waist.It's a small change that I think will make a big difference! I love Magic School Bus, too ... it's packed with info and it's a very engaging way to teach science to kids!

  5. Thanks for dropping by, Ally! I've seen snippets of Linklater's show. :) (Random thought - Since you posted on Richard Linklater's films recently, now I'm wondering whether they're related ...?)

  6. I wondered that myself, so I looked it up. No, they aren't related -- and I misspelled Art's last name. He spelled it Linkletter.

  7. Thanks for clearing up the mystery! :)

  8. Aya in CouturgatoryFebruary 5, 2014 at 9:47 PM

    I second what Dotty said- you may have the same "wushu problem" my friends and I talk about. We all get our jeans to fit our legs well, then get the waists taken in. Go quads!

    I never thought of using a watch to hold bracelets up on my arms before. I'm guessing you have the same 6" wrist problem I do, so bangles and other presized bracelets slide down to your thumbs? This is genius! I keep learning stuff on your blog.


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