Wednesday, October 9, 2013

my riff on the lady tie

Merona buttondown, hand-me-down
skirt, Target
necklace, eBay
silk tie, from Banana Republic top

      Thursday was school colors day (red, white and blue). I grabbed the silk tie to lengthen the necklace, and initially had the bow tucked in the back. Then I decided that the bow was too pretty to hide. I wish it was white instead of celadon to pick up the dots in the skirt, but I do like the overall effect. It's my take on the lady ties that Gracey of Fashion for Giants rocks with such flair. It's a novel way to lengthen a necklace, and the silk drapes so beautifully. I'm thinking about sewing my own silk necklace extenders by repurposing some thrifted ties - it could really pep up an outfit with a little color and pattern.
       I like the idea of this navy buttondown, but for some reason it's difficult to tuck. It could be because it's a size too big, but I've noticed that it always puffs up and looks terrible.  I tossed it on my donations pile, and hope I have the willpower to restrain myself from snatching it back up.

      The first two days of break were pretty glorious. Admittedly, I didn't do any grading or lesson planning, but I did:
  • make apple oatmeal for breakfast. It was lovely to not have to wolf down my breakfast in 10 minutes, the way I usually do on a workday.
  •  play around with Mod Podge for the first time. (It kind of smells, and wow, you really have to be careful where you stick your paper, because it will be there forever, crooked edge, air bubbles, and all. I just don't think I'm cut out for decoupage, but it was fun to try.)
  • start "Women Who Run with the Wolves" by Estes
  •  take a long nap
  • make it to 6 a.m. aikido class, which is one of the things I miss about my full-time-grad-student schedule
  • run a few long-overdue errands
    It doesn't sound like much, but they were nice quiet nonproductive days at home. Sometimes it's restorative to do nothing, right? ;)


  1. Aya in CouturgatoryOctober 9, 2013 at 9:51 AM

    I have difficulty with tucking some shirts, too. That shirt looks like you should tuck it then do the untuck thing where you leave an even pinch/podge of fabric hanging out evenly around the waistband.

    I'm trying a high-waisted skirt today, and the only thing that will stay put under this baby is a unitard style-blouse.

  2. I love the use of the silk tie in this way! And I'm glad you moved it to the front where it could be seen; so pretty!

  3. Yay! We all need downtime. Long naps are sweet. Your lady tie is cute.

  4. Good suggestion, Aya! I might have to take my navy shirt out of the donation pile and give that type of tuck a try.
    I experimented with covering a metal cuff blank with tie silk, and it came out OK. The problem is that the cuff is too big for my wrist, so I have to slide a bangle over it to keep it closed. I'll have to wear that bracelet soon and take a photo.

  5. Thank you, Gracey! I'd like to experiment with a straightforward lady tie next. :)

  6. Naps are the ultimate luxury. Especially when they're preceded by a little couch time with a great book. :)

  7. It's always great to do nothing :) That's what holidays are best for :) What did you make with the mod podge?

  8. Yes, I am a pro at doing nothing! :) I covered two clipboards with pretty paper - when they're finished I'll post them. I need to trim the paper at the edges as well as spray them with some kind of fixative because the mod podge made them sticky.


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