Friday, September 20, 2013

olive and navy

Calvin Klein Jeans tee, Macy's
cardigan, Forever 21
bracelet, 'Iolani Palace

    I like this shirt and its glittery front, but olive has always been a slightly puzzling neutral. Like gray, I admire it on other folks, but am still figuring out how to style it to my liking.  I had a sartorial "duh" moment when I paired it with my favorite, navy blue. This is my favorite way to wear this top so far.

Favorite moments of this week 
  •  chatting with one of my students about her experiences reading "The Little House on the Prairie" series. This was a series I reread continuously through childhood, so I was thrilled to hear that today's kids can still connect with the series. And talking about books with kids is on my list of Ultimate Favorite Things in general.
  • learning a lot through two fantastic days of training (in air-conditioned comfort, no less). 
  • finishing Abraham Verghese's novel "Cutting for Stone," which was beautifully written.
Happy weekend! :)


  1. You want to hear another super-encouraging Little House story? My niece only started reading them because one of her little guy friends from church was reading Farmer Boy (his parents have horses, chickens, etc). He told her how cool it was, and she came home wanting to read it!

  2. Olive has never been my favorite neutral either. I love it when Atlantic-Pacific mixes it up, but so far, I've been playing it safe with olive+white or olive+coral. I think mixing it with leopard print and light pink would be pretty as well.


  3. Brittney - great pairing ideas! I'm especially intrigued by pairing olive with coral or leopard print. :)

  4. Yay! Kid-to-kid recommendations are the best. :) One thing that I think keeps more kids from getting into the books is that the time described is so different. My student and I discussed how certain things in the books are hard to visualize. I still remember that the books include a detailed description of how Pa made a latch for the door, and as a kid I couldn't quite understand how it was done.

  5. I like the olive paired with navy! It's a color combo I've worn before, as well. Olive with dark purple is also really pretty.

    And btw, I wanted to let you know about a special blog-iversary giveaway on another of my blogs, one called Reel Librarians, which is all about librarians in film. The prize is your very own Lego Librarian, and all the details are here at . There’s only one mandatory entry, to leave a comment with your favorite librarian film. The giveaway is open through Thursday, Sept. 26.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration!

    Jen @ Librarian for Life & Style

  6. I really like olive on others too, but only own one item! I'd love a pair of pants in a nice olive though because I think it'll allow my navys to get more use - I always feel like I can't wear them with anything!

  7. Thanks, Jen! I will check out the giveaway - who can resist a Lego Librarian? :)
    I love the idea of olive with dark purple - going to try that next.

  8. Fran - I actually own a pair of olive pants, but haven't gotten as much use out of them as I expected. Once it cools down here I'd like to make a better effort at styling them - I think they have great potential. :)


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