Thursday, August 22, 2013

my life, in numbers

 Random cute photo: I got to hang out with the adorable Astro in Renton last weekend!

1: Number of brushfires we've had. I had to move my car and close the windows and doors of my (un-air-conditioned) classroom yesterday, but I still left work reeking of smoke. The one good thing is that it happened after school vs. during school hours.

2: The number of hours that passed on Thursday before I realized that the side zip on my dress was not zipped. Yikes! Thankfully, I was wearing a camisole and slip underneath, so nothing was exposed. I guess that's what happens when I wake with a start at 5:35 a.m. and realize that I overslept my alarm by 30 minutes and need to hustle.
3: The number of awesome, supportive colleagues who I have the privilege of teaching the same grade level with!
6: total number of yards of fabric that I bought from Ikea in Renton. One is a denim-like cotton with colored stripes that look handwoven, and the other is a whimsical black and white graphic. Now I just need the time to sew ...
7: The number of reading rugs, aka "magic carpets," that I bought for my classroom. They're really woven rag rugs that I picked up for $1.99 at Pricebusters. The kids enjoy using them for Read to Self time.
7-11: My latest bad habit. It's horrific that a Clif bar costs $2 there, but I've been having a hard time settling into my morning routine and sometimes need a cup of coffee, a granola bar, and something quick for lunch before I hit the road.
9: number of days it took for my classroom's electric pencil sharpener to break. *sigh* 
10: approximate number of hours spent at the Sea-Tac airport during my whirlwind trip to Renton/Utah.
18: number of families that came to Open House last week. Pretty good, considering that I have 26 students.
What's going on with you? Leave me a number in the comments. :)


  1. We've all had that zipper experience -- only with boys, it's more embarrassing because of the zipper's location!

  2. 7: The number of days till I go to New York and Canada :)

  3. How exciting, Kat! Looking forward to seeing some photos of what you do, see, and buy. :)

  4. Ally - I was sooo grateful that at least I was wearing a camisole and slip that day!


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