Monday, July 22, 2013

happy Monday

3 things that are making me happy lately ...

1. Getting to dig into a bowl of penne with bacon, mushrooms, and a Gorgonzola cream sauce while catching up with a friend.
2. Knowing people who have knowledge and are willing to give up their own time to share it with me, on a day when they're really busy.
3. Finding an Alfred Shaheen dress for $8.99 at Goodwill. I threw enough change in the parking meter for half an hour and popped into Goodwill to check out the linens section (I'm looking for cheap fabric to repurpose for classroom stuff).
       I decided to take a quick look through the dresses section, and the first thing I spotted was the dress. While many of his dresses are vibrantly colored and boldly patterned, this one is a solid brown with longish sleeves and a full skirt. It has very unusual buttons - they look like Asian faces. (I know that from this description, it sounds kind of horrendous, but I'll take photos ... and then you can decide. It is definitely quirky, and I am undecided on the buttons.) I tried it on, and I'd have to alter it to make the waist hit me at the right spot. It is also missing two buttons, which makes me lean even more strongly toward changing off the ones that remain. But even if I decide not to wear it/eventually sell it, it might be fun to use it as a pattern for a vintage-ish dress. 

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