Wednesday, June 5, 2013

knockoffs: what do you think?

tee, Banana Republic Factory Store
Halogen knit skirt, Nordstrom Rack
pounamu (greenstone) necklace, New Zealand
jade bracelets, gifted
      I've been wanting a long pendant-style necklace lately, and wasted time did a little research on eBay and etsy to consider my options. Then I remembered this necklace and a few others I picked up on my trip to New Zealand, and realized I didn't need to buy anything. Yes for shopping my closet!

      I saw Kendi wearing this necklace recently, and liked it. I then proceeded to waste more time do a little research on eBay to see how much it might cost to purchase similar materials and make my own. However, I've decided to hold off on buying materials until I complete some of my unfinished projects.
    A question occurred to me: What do you think about creating your own knockoff of something you admire but can't afford? Do you think you are "stealing" from the artist in some way by creating your own? Is the right thing to do to save up your pennies to buy the original, or go for the immediate gratification of crafting your own? I can understand both viewpoints. I think artists deserve to earn a living from their creations, and that the price often (justifiably) reflects an investment of creativity, skill, experience, and materials. But at the same time, my budget can't stretch enough to accommodate my wish for an armful of Chan Luu bracelets (are they out? Who cares, they're still pretty) and other pretty but pricey baubles. 


  1. Obviously, as someone as who wears a ton of handmade jewelry, my opinion is that knockoffs like this are awesome and a tribute. (As opposed to things like knockoff Coach purses.) If you are making this for yourself, not selling it and not claiming it's the artist's original work, I don't think any reasonable artist would have a problem.

  2. I'm a huge DIY fanatic, so I might be biased. But I think that as long as you are not profiting from the work, then it's perfectly fine! Besides, I'm sure that I've seen the design of that necklace around for a long time.


  3. Thanks, Brittney. I guess it's good to remember that just about everything we can dream up has probably already been thought of! So it's unlikely that I'm really "stealing." :)

  4. Thanks, Erin! Good point about the difference between making an item to sell and making an item for personal enjoyment.

  5. I am with Brittney on this one. I think if you're not profiting off of it, then it's fine to make your own version. I love your necklace and skirt!

  6. Good question Carrie. Our artists really get a buzz out of seeing their work go to a good home after all the time and effort that goes into carving a unique piece. Some of their one off artist pieces really are amazing and very difficult to replicate for anyone even if they wanted to create a second one for themselves.

    Some of our jade carvers believe that each piece of jade 'speaks' to them and informs their carving. You can read more about our artists here and even listen to them speak:

    For simpler designs there's also something special about carving a design yourself so I can see both sides. What do you think?



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