Monday, June 10, 2013

inspiration Monday: tripping over the details

The inspiration: Katharine McPhee

My take: 

New York and Company chambray shirt, thrifted
UK Style by French Connection pants, Sears
belt, from dress
Carole necklace, Nordstrom Rack
bracelets - gifted, InPink, HauteLook
Dansko "Calliope" sandals,

     I love this pants silhouette - but I'm not convinced it works for someone of my height. Add in the complication that I hemmed the pants just a tiny bit too short. Then I got wishy-washy about the accessories  and styling - shirt untucked, knotted, belted? Necklace or no necklace?

       I ended up wearing this as shown above - untucked, no belt, with a necklace. I belt high-waisted skirts and just about any dress without hesitation, but putting a belt over a top or cardigan - I think that it just emphasizes my short torso and throws off my proportions. Although I'm surprised that it looks better in the photos than I remember it looking in the mirror ... 

      The next time I wear this outfit, I'll try wearing it with both the belt and necklace. I think the waist definition from the belt balances out the ultra-flowy pants legs and the lighter color of the necklace breaks up the dark top and picks up the pants' pattern. Whew, that was a lot of overthinking for a simple outfit!
      (And while I'm sure you knew that last week included National Doughnut Day, judging from the photos, it was also National Touch-Your-Hair Day. Nothing like editing photos to make you realize that you need to mix up your posing just a bit ... )

I'm linking up with two birds' inspiration Monday! Check out the other creative looks here! :)



  1. Cute look look
    I definitely like it with all the accessories


  2. Thanks, Brett! I agree with you on the accessories - they add some interest. :)

  3. Pretty! I like it better than the inspiration you styled it from.

    I dig it with the belt over the shirt- the way the shirt dips in front and back makes a really nice-looking silhouette in profile.

  4. I love your shirt with the belt! I think you look cute, not short-waisted. Although your legs do look super-long...

  5. Thanks, Erin! I feel stumpy when I put a belt over a top, but I'd like to get over that - so next time I will definitely wear the belt. :)

  6. Thank you, Aya! Good point about the shirt hem - a shirt that's cut straight across wouldn't look as nice. :)


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