Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Try-it-out Tuesday: Grecian

American City Wear maxi dress, Ross
brooches at shoulders, eBay

    I have a strange attraction to maxi dresses yet once I buy them, they end up hanging sad and lonely in my closet. I've resolved to wear them more this summer, regardless of what I'm doing (I think I feel that they're too dressy for everyday use.) Last week, I wore this to buy some crafting supplies. Using the brooches to gather the shoulders pushes this dress out of the casual zone, but I enjoyed wearing it anyhow. I felt comfortable and pretty, which is a great combination. :)

     The brooches aren't exactly the same, but I thought the fact that they were both gold-tone and had faux pearls made them similar enough.

     This is what happens when I try a different pose ... can you say awkward?!
      I think Try-it-out Tuesday is my favorite feature, but I've decided to make it an intermittent one so I can focus on featuring looks or styles that are really out of the norm for me. I'm also hoping to make my book-inspired "from the pages of" feature more than just a one-shot deal ...


  1. You look so cute- I love the cut and color of the dress. And I think the brooches on the shoulders are a perfect touch and very unique!

  2. I love the cut of this maxi. I don't own a single maxi dress but would love one like this.

  3. Thank you, Katie! :) I ended up using mostly clip-on earrings for my wedding bouquet, so I now have a small collection of brooches. I'm looking forward to finding more creative ways to wear them.

  4. Thank you, Fran! I think this dress will prove pretty versatile. My goal this summer is to use my 4 maxi dresses for everyday wear. :)

  5. what a great little trick with the broaches
    i really like the neckline of this dress as well

  6. I tried to comment earlier, but I think I got stuck in hourglass purgatory! I love this dress! Great color on you! I'm a maxi-holic also, but I only have 2 right now. Every time I wear one, I mentally add them to my wardrobe shopping list. It's like wearing pajamas lol.

  7. Amber - glad you got out of hourglass purgatory and came back to comment! You're right, maxi dresses can be so comfortable ... I'm hoping to make them my summer uniform. :)

  8. Thanks, Brett! It was fun to figure out a new way to wear my brooches. :)


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