Monday, May 20, 2013

inspiration Monday: A-line skirt fail

 The inspiration: Gwen Stefani

My take: 
 New York and Company chambray shirt, thrifted
Banana Republic A-line skirt, hand-me-down
earrings, gift from M
bracelets from third-grade Market Day

        On a whim I decided to stop at Goodwill during a weekday afternoon, and that's when I found this perfect chambray shirt. It fits well and the short sleeves mean I can wear it year-round. It was priced at $8.99, which is more than I'm usually willing to spend at Goodwill. However, I had tried on several chambray shirts from Old Navy and Ross and they didn't fit as well as this one (they were also all long-sleeved), so I decided to get it.

         I wanted this skirt to work on me, but my first foray into A-line skirts has left me unimpressed. The pocket placement is weird to me, and it keeps riding up and creasing across the hips. It could be that the skirt is just too small. I considered not posting the photo below, but I think it's a good reminder for me about what I don't want in a skirt.

 The ugly truth - yikes

    Anyhow, despite the bad fit of the skirt, I had fun wearing this. My friend treated me to breakfast - an omelet with the local requisite side dish, two scoops of rice liberally drizzled with shoyu. Then we topped things off with chocolate pudding crowned with dollops of whipped cream ... because it's really never too early for dessert. ;)

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  1. the skirt looks cute on you, but i know what you mean about the bunching. i have a few skirts that only look good when i'm standing! the shirt is great...good find!

  2. that is weird about that skirt, it is almost like that area is more narrow than the rest
    i usually don't like short sleeve button ups, but this works really well on you

  3. Thanks! The skirt doesn't look so bad in the first picture because I tugged it into place right before the camera went off. :) I was so excited to find that shirt - I'm looking forward to wearing it all summer!

  4. Brett - I love long-sleeve button ups, but short sleeves work best for our weather, so I was thrilled to find this shirt! I know A-line skirts are supposed to widen as you go toward the hem, but I'm not sure where it's supposed to sit - the waist? hips?


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