Wednesday, May 1, 2013

tee time: Gap vs. Land's End Canvas

          So ... this is a little awkward. If you take a look at my profile blurb, you'll notice that I classify myself as a "diehard T-shirt-and-shorts girl" who wants to graduate to pencil skirts. But I have to confess that I've been obsessed with t-shirts lately, particularly the slouchy ones. But there's a fine line between slouchy and sloppy, especially when you're short.

Top row: Gap essential tee, XS, $10
Bottom row: Land's End Canvas The Heritage Crewneck tee, XS, $9.99
        Similarities: The fabric is very lightweight in both shirts - neither stands out as obviously higher quality than the other. You can also see from the photos of the untucked shirts that they are consistently too long for someone who's short-waisted.
         Differences: The Land's End Canvas shirts are fitted all over - not tight, but close to the body. You can see the difference in the sleeves and the torso. With a snug-fitting shirt, I feel that it's more obvious that the shirt is too long for me because you can see the rumples where the shirt is bunching up around my middle.
         Right now I'm leaning toward keeping both Gap shirts due to the easier fit, but I'm wondering whether the white Gap tee is too loose for me.  I'm going for relaxed, slouchy and easy, but not sloppy or unflattering.

  Neon yellow Gap tee, XS, $4.19 after 40% discount
          I've really been drawn to yellow lately (I tried on this skirt at Macy's on Sunday but it wasn't marked down enough for me). I know I shouldn't buy stuff just because it's on sale, but I don't own any tops in this color. And, I think it would pair well with my ubiquitous jeans, my black or denim pencil skirts, my houndstooth skirt, and even my bright blue cardigan. And, keeping Audrey's guidelines for remixable tops in mind, I like that the shirt can be tucked or knotted (I probably wouldn't wear it untucked unless I was layering it under a blazer or cardigan).   My one concern is that neon is too trendy and is on its way out. 
          I also picked up this classic black-and-white striped tee (XS) for $7.19 after the 40% discount:
            Do you prefer the fit of the LEC or Gap tees? Also, do you have any feedback on which company (Gap or Land's End Canvas) makes better-quality shirts? I haven't bought tees from either company before, so I'd love to hear if they tend to shrink/stretch out/don't wash well/get holey right away. Or, conversely, if they wash well/last forever/are just about the perfect shirt. :)


  1. Oh man, the perfect tee shirt is worthy addition to any wardrobe I would say that Land's End tees tend to live FOREVER, I have one that was a hand-me-down from my godmother that I got when I was ten, so it's at least 25 years old. There's pretty pretty normal across the board for all of the Land's End stuff I have, it really just lasts forever and it pretty well made. Gap tee seem like they do decently as well, I have a couple that are about five years old and they're still in okay shape but I mostly only use them as barn-wear.
    I really,really love the yellow tee on you, that color is amazing on you! It seems like it would work with a ton of stuff in wardrobe so I say keep it! (Did I mention the color is amazing on you?)

  2. Wow, Katie - thanks for the great feedback on Land's End tees! I'm impressed that yours has lasted so long. :)
    I will definitely be keeping the yellow tee - it's one of my favorite colors right now and I think it's perfect for summer!

  3. You do a good job of describing the differences in fit. I guess one's preference will depend on how one likes their shirt to look and feel. BTW, you look terrific in yellow.

  4. The Gap fit is definitely better. You could hem them up a couple of inches so they aren't so long. And the yellow is fab!

  5. I find t-shirts to be so versatile so I own a few that are more fitted (for wearing under work cardigans) and more loose and boxy (for more casual days). What I dislike the most about some t-shirts are that they shrink when I wash them. I haven't found that to be a problem with Gap t-shirts though. I will have to try Land's End t-shirts now too, thanks!

  6. Thanks, Ally! I wasn't intending to buy a yellow tee at all, as I wanted to get classic navy and white, but I think it's so much fun that I'll have to keep it. :)

  7. Thank you, Erin! I haven't ever sewn with knits (I've heard they're hard to deal with), but I'd like to give it a try now that school's over. I think a little hemming would make them perfect! :)

  8. Good point, Vang, about owning different fits for pairing with different items! :) Thanks for sharing that your Gap tees haven't shrunk - that's good to know. I think I would have liked the Land's End tees better one size up ... but that's the problem with shopping the clearance section, sizes are limited!


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