Monday, May 6, 2013


Tommy Hilfiger top, Macy's
same ol' jeans, Ross
JJ Basics cardigan, hand-me-down

        I really like the straight fit of this top - it reminds me of a pillowcase top, although it's doubtful that I could get a real pillowcase to fit over my hips. ;)  Worn with the jeans, it was a little dark overall, but the red cardigan really livened things up without being too matchy. I think a white cardigan would also work, but I don't own one ... adding that to my wishlist.

          My mom and I went to a craft fair this weekend, and it really pointed out to me how my tastes have changed. I looked at a lot of the jewelry and thought, "eh, nothing special." I suppose browsing etsy has increased my expectations of handmade items. Not to mention, the place was awash with Hello Kitty stuff ... I have never been a fan of Hello Kitty, although an obsession with that mouthless, bow-wearing cat is almost par for the course for most women who grow up here.
         This isn't to say that we didn't buy anything -- I picked up a cute pair of earrings that look like tiny rainclouds and a simple suede-and-gold bracelet.
           One thing that bugged me about the craft fair: why don't vendors tag each item, or, post signs that let you know how much things cost? If I need to ask someone about the price of each item, I'm just as likely to move on as to ask, particularly if they haven't even said "hello" or glanced up.

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