Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Try-it-out Tuesday: take one, pass it on: day 2

Lucky Brand linen buttondown, Macy's, old
striped dress, Gap
belt in neon azalea, J. Crew Factory, $6.99
       My "pass it on" item is this dress, which I wore yesterday with a scarf.

      One of the great lessons I've learned from blogging so far is to look at my clothes from a playful and experimental viewpoint. I would have never bought a bright pink belt before (in fact, I hated belts in general!) and I would have never considered that a buttondown could be worn any other way than as is. Knotting the ends makes it look like a cropped jacket, which is exciting because I feel like I've added to my closet without buying anything new. 
     So far, we've learned that J. Crew Factory's neon coral translates to "traffic cone orange," and neon azalea translates to "Pepto-Bismol pink." These are colors I definitely wouldn't have chosen in the first place, but I think they will add some diversity to my closet, which is always welcome.

      Random news: something's in the air ... and while, based on the calendar, it would be fitting for me to say it's love, it's sadly an irritant of the plant-based variety.  All Monday I suffered from a perpetually itchy nose, slightly achy ear and throat, and propulsive sneezes. Fuuuun. I've been coddling my allergy with cups of chai tea with almond milk and sugar, extra doses of brownie double deckers, and dress-up time.  (Can I say that I'm already excited about next week's Try-it-out Tuesday's post? It may be completely age-inappropriate, but I enjoyed it anyhow.)


  1. I'm not a big decorative belt person myself, but I do like when girls pull it off with a cute dress. Yours looks comfy, too. Hope those allergies go away! Stuffy noses are a drag.

  2. Thanks, Dorkys! This dress is seriously comfy - I call it my "librarian pajamas." ;)

  3. I love the casual vibe of this outfit. That jacket is adorable and the belt adds interest without being WHOA NEON, ya know?


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