Friday, February 15, 2013

take one, pass it on challenge: day 4

   DKNY skirt, thrifted
jersey skirt worn as underlayer, Old Navy
graphic tee, Ross
JJ Basics red cardigan, hand-me-down
pearl and chain necklace, Forever 21

      Something bad: the photos do not do this skirt justice. It looks a lot cuter in real life, promise.
      Something good: the photos don't show just how wrinkly the skirt is.  When I thrifted the skirt, it had its brand tag but no care tag. I hand-washed it and ironed it on the lowest setting, but that didn't do much about the wrinkles.

      Something amazing: I'll be saying this in March! 



  1. I don't see the wrinkles in the shirt at all, so at least it photographs well! I do like how well this shirt seems to mix and match, I loved it with the jeans and I really like it with the skirt and the red cardigan. The graphics really seems to be versatile, it's almost more like a patterned shirt.

  2. Ashley - yes, this is new news! ;) Thanks for the good wishes. :)

  3. Katie - I recently rediscovered this shirt after it spent a while at the bottom of a pile of clothes, but I've been making up for lost time by wearing it with everything. :)


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