Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February Freeze: flare jeans

     iris silk top, thrifted
navy cardigan and necklace, Forever 21
Carole disk and quartz necklace, Nordstrom Rack clearance
Dansko "Sakura" sandals, Nordstrom Rack

     These flare jeans are my next February Freeze item. I've only worn them a few times since buying them a year ago; I love the fit and different silhouette, I'm just not sure how to style them for different situations. I think I'd have an easier time styling them if they were a dark wash, too.

     This is really what I wanted to wear, but I decided to save the quirky color combination for the weekend vs. a day when I needed to pop in at work: 
  Julie's Closet burnout animal print cardigan, Ross


  1. If you really wanted to be change the color, you could overdye them black with a couple of bottles of RIT dye. I think they look gorgeous as they are, though!

  2. I love your playful "weekend" look with the green cardigan and the bright purple silk top, that color pairing is fantastic! I always feel the same way about my flare jeans, it seems like they're really hard to style when they actually go with some many items. (Eh, I think I'm just too use to skinnies.) I think the shape of the jeans really works on you like Erin said, they might be an easy dye job if you really don't like the light wash.

  3. Erin - good idea about dyeing them! I find lighter-wash pants more difficult to style, but at the same time I think I'll keep them this color because all my other jeans are darker. I just need to put these in regular rotation vs. being lazy and wearing the other jeans all the time ... :)

  4. Thanks, Katie! Green + purple is a color combo I've been wanting to try for a while. I do like these jeans, but I'm lazy and always reach for my bootcuts. I should just make a point of wearing these once a month or something so I get used to styling them ...


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